Tracking a cell phone by gps

GPS Phone Finder: How to Track the Location of a Cell Phone

Developed by Wondershare, it works as a complete parental control and monitoring app. It is compatible with every major Android and iOS device. Wonbo is a compact and smart GPS phone finder that will certainly help you track your phone. It supports a range of up to 50 m outdoors. Find3 by Nut is a popular bidirectional alarming phone finder.

It will instantly notify you as soon as your phone would go out of range. Besides a mini object finder, you can also use a smart watch to track your kids as well. This can work as a GPS phone finder as well as a simple solution to track your little ones remotely.


Cube phone finder is one of the most trusted object finders in the world and boasts a global community. All you got to do is attach it to your phone. Later, you can use its app as a GPS phone finder. If you are looking for an affordable yet reliable GPS phone finder, then you should consider Njoiii Bluetooth tracker. It comes with an extra battery as well.

Tracking With Native Android Features

Nuva presents a smart tracker that can help you find your phone, keys, wallets, and almost anything. It comes with a free iOS and Android tracking app.

Rinex GPS phone finder comes in different colors and is extremely easy to use. The product is pocket-friendly as well. This last spot on our list is from iTrack3 and is known for its reliable functioning. Location history is just a plus. It also comes with Wear OS support, so alerts will be pushed to your smartwatch should the paired device go out of range. We recommend using a GPS tracking service.

As long as your phone is GPS-enabled, this service should do the trick. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share.

How Can I Track Cell Phone Location in Real Time?

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Locate a phone number

Tracking a cell phone is also useful for recovering a stolen cell phone. For target Android devices, you'll have to download and install Spyic on the device. The only cost is the boost 'data' plan, which is. The technology is available everywhere GPS, the Internet or mobile networks exist. Apps Development Distribution Management Cloud computing. It is compatible with all platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

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Track a cell phone using GPS without installing any software

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